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Sator iOS Apple App Store Listing

Sator App Goes Live on iOS App Store

Users now able to watch Web3 entertainment and collect NFTs on iOS devices

Sator Affliction Partnership

Affliction Partners with Sator on Web3 Apparel NFTs and Metaverse

Affliction and Sator Commence NFT Design, Metaverse Games and Avatar Apparel


HBO Max’s FBoy Island Deserves an Emmy

This show is pure genius. FBoy Island sets a new high bar for creativity, humor and irreverence. Nikki Glazer proves she is the world’s funniest feminist, a natural born gameshow host and a powerful thought leader.


Apply To Become An AmbasSator

The Sator Ambassador program was just opened for select individuals to become “AmbasSators,” who are individuals we believe could help promote Sator from within their communities, and to the world.


Sator Launches “SatorSpace” Web3 P2E Game

Sator launched its new immersive, NFT-based game, “SatorSpace” on Google/Android today. The Sator mobile app now features this P2E game where players are able to play, earn, engage and utilize avatar NFTs while staying close to their favorite television, movies and music content.

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