Solana NFT Marketplace,, Launches NFT Charity Initiative Mint For Good

Sator Web3 Network Streams Mint For Good NFTs to Save Animals

Solana NFT Marketplace,, Launches NFT Charity Initiative Mint For Good

NEW YORK, NY, August 22, 2022Sator Web3 streaming entertainment network has launched its Mint For Good initiative that empowers NFTs to serve causes and save animals. 

Mint For Good exclusively features non-profit NFTs. Every NFT minted for good directly benefits charity. “Unlike so many NFTs that only benefit someone’s wallet, Mint For Good NFTs support the cause or animal inspiring the art,” explains Sator Co-Founder, Chris Martin.

Mint For Good NFTs are available exclusively on the Sator mobile app (iOS, Android) or desktop marketplace. Inside the Sator app, NFTs can even be bought with in-app purchase, eliminating any need for crypto experience to build meaningful NFT collections.

Mint For Good kicks off with two important causes–saving the most endangered animals on the planet and ending experimentation on defenseless animals. 

Mint For Good debut collection, entitled “Tormented Owls,” drops today. Protesting cruel experiments on barn owls, Tormented Owls contains 60 unique 1-of-1 NFTs to honor 60 owls currently being mutilated by Shreesh Mysore at John Hopkins University. Mysore and JHU spent $2,000,000 in taxpayer money to torment owls in experiments producing zero human results. Tormented Owls NFTs fund ads calling for Mysore and JHU to halt.

Mint For Good next drops “Whales Saving Whales.” Whales Saving Whales rallies crypto whale degens to help the North Atlantic right whale facing imminent extinction. Reminding us that only 350 North Atlantic right whales remain in existence, Whale Saving Whales contains 350 NFTs. 

Choose to mint for good by downloading the Sator mobile app (iOS, Android) or visiting

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