“Web3 Beez” Drop Exclusively on Sator

Solana-based Marketplace, Sator.io, Drops 33 Web3 Beez NFTs

“Web3 Beez” Drop Exclusively on Sator

LISBON, Port., August 29, 2022Sator Web3 entertainment network dropped a collection of “Web3 Beez” animated characters.  The Beez creature family hail from a mystical metaverse forest.  There are 33 one-of-one Web3 Beez.  Each Web3 Beez has a unique story and personality.  

Bucko Beez (pictured here) is always the first to arrive and last to leave a VR party.  Web3 Beez squad up in brigades of 3.  Bucko belongs to the Bear Brigade along with Bozo Beez and Badger Beez.  

“Web3 Beez love hanging out in groups of three, so if you buy one, buy three,” jokes Jorge Cagua, Chief Visualization Officer at Sator NFT Studios.

The Beez creature family was spawned from a code bug in the metaverse.  “Strange things happen in Web3 sometimes,” explains Boomer Beez of the Brainy Brigade.  “I’m proud of my mutant roots”, adds Beeple Beez of the Biscuit Brigade.  

Pudgy, pokemon-like characters, Web3 Beez are exclusively available on the Solana-based Sator.io desktop marketplace or in the Sator mobile app (iOS and Android) with convenient in-app purchase.

Download the Sator app or visit Sator.io to collect Web3 Beez.

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